Automated AML KYC solutions for private banking, retail banking and wealth management to drive faster, better and more cost effective KYC

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Increase the speed of carrying out enhanced customer due diligence, improve the quality of customer onboarding checks and implement efficient and effective ongoing due diligence KYC monitoring programmes with smartKYC’s automated KYC software solutions.

smartKYC’s artificial intelligence KYC solutions transform manual, inefficient and often ineffective KYC investigation and continuous monitoring work into seamless, digitised processes.

With smartKYC’s KYC solutions, you can remove the labour intensiveness of enhanced due diligence requirements, such as third party risk screening, vendor risk screening, supply chain verification, adverse media screening, and deep background checks through intelligent automation, improving the quality of KYC compliance at every stage of the client lifecycle—prospecting, onboarding and ongoing monitoring.

smartKYC’s automated KYC solutions enable you to:

  • Have greater confidence in conducting KYC
  • Reduce risk
  • Receive useful, precise, real-time intelligence—at speed
  • Have a fully auditable, configurable system
  • Easily integrate the work into existing workflow tools, such client lifecycle management or CLM systems 
  • Attain more efficient onboarding
  • Make straight-through processing, such as batch remediation, possible
  • Carry out effective continuous KYC monitoring

smartKYC’s automated KYC solutions conduct:

Adverse media AML

  • Adverse media screening
  • Adverse media monitoring
  • Continuous media monitoring

Due diligence

  • Third party risk screening
  • Vendor screening
  • Enhanced due diligence checklist
  • Due diligence automation
  • Batch remediation


  • ESG investment screening
  • ESG risk intelligence


  • Automated KYC solutions
  • Artificial intelligence KYC
  • Due diligence KYC
  • Perpetual KYC

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