smartKYC CEO, Dermot Corrigan, to talk at this year’s Procurement Leaders forum

Conference | ESG

10 March, 2021

smartKYC is delighted to be sponsors of, and participants in the upcoming Procurement Leaders forum on ESG. On day 17th March 2021, @13:15 Dermot Corrigan be interviewed by Steve Hall on the subject of ‘AI and intelligence-led ESG risk monitoring’. Innovation In: Positive Growth brings together the inspirational change makers and organisations helping to build a brighter future. Privileged by

KYC: Remember It’s Know Your Customer, Not Know Your Criminal


16 February, 2021

With ever-tighter regulation and the need for enhanced due diligence when onboarding both individuals and entities as customers of your firm, it is important to remember what the C in KYC stands for: client, not criminal. KYC (Know Your Client) screening has become synonymous with checking for “red flags” on a firm’s clients, with enhanced

Jonathan Jacobi Joins smartKYC as Business Development Director

New Hire

4 November, 2020

Experienced Sales Leader will Focus on Corporate Banks’ and Large Corporates’ Third-party Risk Requirements  London [4] November 2020: smartKYC, providers of award-winning AI-enabled KYC and third-party risk intelligence technology, today announced the appointment of Jonathan Jacobi as Business Development Director. Reporting to CEO Dermot Corrigan, Jonathan will help grow and support smartKYC’s global expansion plans.

smartKYC Wins Award: Best Use of AI at the AI & Machine Learning Awards 2020

AI | Awards | KYC

30 October, 2020

smartKYC has triumphed at the AI & Machine Learning Awards 2020 winning the award for Best Use of AI. This comes after a run of success at award ceremonies for smartKYC in the last 12 months, having won Best AI Solution for Regulatory Compliance at the RegTech Insight Awards 2020 in May this year and Best

How to Move Beyond ESG ‘Box-Ticking’


19 October, 2020

Back in September, our CEO Dermot Corrigan penned an article ESG – Is It There to Tick a Box or Rattle the Cage?  in which he explored the problematic factors surrounding ESG policies and practices in firms. So when we read Sarah O’Connor’s excellent reporting in last week’s FT, Retail’s tick-box approach to supply chains

ESG – Is It There To Tick A Box Or Rattle The Cage?


3 September, 2020

The combination of regulatory impetus, consumer sentiment and investor pressure has driven ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) to the top of the corporate agenda. While companies large and small are increasingly thinking about their ESG stance, the matter is especially pressing for large multinationals and global brands. For these players, the extent of their commercial

Getting to Know All About Your Customer: the Case for Continuous Monitoring

AI | Continuous Monitoring | KYC

26 August, 2020

Currently, when it comes to know your customer (KYC) requirements, the industry’s focus is mainly on the first stage of the customer relationship, with regulators prescribing thorough due diligence at the onboarding stage, augmented with the occasional periodic refresh. But in these uncertain times when fortunes and indeed reputations are being made and lost in

Why Showing Your Workings is Essential for Trusted AI and KYC

Explainable AI | XAI

20 August, 2020

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been in our collective consciousness for decades, mainly due to far-fetched Hollywood depictions of AI-powered killer Terminators, i-Robots and Replicants. These fictional portrayals, twinned with outspoken views from technology titans like Elon Musk and Professor Stephen Hawking, have led to some pretty fearful views of this powerful technology.

Eyes Always Open – KYC ‘now’

AI | Continuous Monitoring | KYC

16 July, 2020

In 2004, a colleague and I had the idea of building a search string of negative words in several languages and applying that to a corpus of news content to support our banking clients with their KYC efforts. Thus was born the world’s first adverse media search tool, Lexis Diligence, and quite some time before

Using Artificial Intelligence to Know Your Customers, not your Criminals

AI | KYC | Regtech

15 June, 2020

How can just searching for ‘adverse media’ on your customer mean you are getting to ‘know’ them at all? In this article we ask, are we really harnessing the full power of KYC technologies? With an abundance of mounting regulations, it is only natural that Know Your Customer screening has been solely about searching for

smartKYC Wins Award: Best AI Solution for Regulatory Compliance at the RegTech Insight Awards 2020

Awards | KYC

20 May, 2020

smartKYC has won the award for Best AI Solution for Regulatory Compliance at this year’s RegTech Insight Awards 2020. “We are delighted to have been recognised like this by RegTech Insight and its advisory board. This award cements smartKYC’s position as a leading tech vendor in the automated KYC screening and relationship intelligence industry.” Said

ESG – The Next Know Your Client Frontier


20 April, 2020

Wealth management is – alas – crowded with acronyms. KYC (Know Your Client) is one of the most ubiquitous and up there with it is ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). The terms speak to advisors’ need to understand where and how their clients made their money and, increasingly, these issues mesh together. That is certainly