Elevate the quality of your due diligence and mechanise the entire process

Whether conducting due diligence on clients, suppliers or investments, smartKYC’s software delivers precision, at speed and at scale.

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Corporate and institutional banking

Corporate & Investment Banking

CIB is arguably the most demanding of all KYC environments, certainly in volume terms. For every high profile IPO client there are many thousands of smaller businesses to service. Appropriate due diligence needs to be undertaken on each entity and its board of directors, UBO’s identified and screened and maybe also their connected parties. And what about all their subsidiaries?

It doesn’t stop there. Refresh cycles are following 1-3-5 year patterns, when actually risk can occur at any interval in between. 

This process can be automated. This process can be systemised. But most importantly, this process can be improved – whilst saving time, resources and increasing accuracy. 

Create the ultimate defence. Have smartKYC watch the external environment for emerging risks on a continuous basis – while you focus on the bigger picture.