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smartKYC’s software automates all that is labour intensive or impossible to do using human effort

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Federated Search

There is no single source of KYC truth for financial crime teams.

In most cases, teams build a bespoke mix of sources that accords with their risk policy, geographic operations, lines of business or in some cases brand preference. Such sources will be structured (e.g. directors and shareholders database), semi-structured (e.g. watchlist) or unstructured (e.g. web news). Means of access might differ (API, scraping, data dump). Some will be free, some not.

smartKYC harmonises all desired public, professional and private sources in a unified search, content analysis and workflow tool. There are obvious efficiencies with this approach but also synergistic benefits too, including profile enrichment, identity disambiguation, corroboration and co-mingling of results.

By combining all client-defined sources and applying sophisticated search and content analysis approaches like natural language processing, smartKYC delivers a precise, dynamic and holistic perspective of client risk.