Elevate the quality of your due diligence and mechanise the entire process

Whether conducting due diligence on clients, suppliers or investments, smartKYC’s software delivers precision, at speed and at scale.

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Multinational corporates

3rd Party Risk Management & ESG

Multinational corporations need to be as risk aware as banks, but for differing reasons. Even if risk comes from a supplier rather than client relationship and is as likely to be ESG related as it is financial crime – smartKYC has a fine-grained understanding of how risk manifests itself.

The penalty for an ESG misstep will likely be more expensive than a fine from a regulator – a tarnished brand, a precipitous drop in sales and disgruntled shareholders. smartKYC empowers its clients to find the ‘ground truth’ about their third party’s ESG track record rather than be satisfied with ESG ratings based on policies, self-declarations or models.