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Natural Multi Language Processing and Fact Extraction

Documents like news articles can contain rich information about a person or a company, some of it suggestive of risk, much more of it contextually useful to know. Identifying and organising that material in English, let alone in a foreign language is a demanding task. That’s where our industry-leading NLP comes in.

  • Our multilingual NLP technology identifies all textual elements in a piece of text, regardless of source language / script. It reviews findings in native language first to avoid any loss of meaning pre-translation and then produces an English version for review.  
  • The system then has the ability to to score findings on relevance to the search “subject” – so identity screening in media content, not mere name screening.
  • Once smartKYC ‘understands’ the content, useful intelligence is extracted according to sophisticated rules. These rules apply conditionality to increase precision and result in a score for every single piece of intelligence gathered.
  • Post-processing, the content is then synthesised into facts, so that the first thing that hits your alerting system, or CLM system, or the human eye is not a bunch of documents but accurate, need-to-know intelligence.