Proven AI that transforms the efficiency and effectiveness of KYC operations

smartKYC’s software automates all that is labour intensive or impossible to do using human effort

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Workflow and Deployment

At smartKYC we understand that out-of-the-box can translate as take it or leave it. We recognise that organisations want proven capability, rapid deployment and high levels of customisation. So while smartKYC is available out of the box, we can also satisfy a whole range of client preferences including:

  • On premise or cloud deployment:
  • Commercial or open source technology stack
  • Configuration options (e.g. risk typologies, result score thresholds, name handling, country and industry exposure risk)
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Internal and external content sources
  • Multiple output options (e.g. dossiers, alerts, results injected into other workflow tools such as a CLM system)
  • Roles, teams, grants
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Data integration architecture
  • Multitenancy (multiple instances in a common environment)
  • Audit trail and reporting

In addition, smartKYC comes with its own workflow features such as case commentary, delegation and tasking so that teams can collaborate to best effect.

Workflow And Deployment