The combination of regulatory impetus, consumer sentiment and investor pressure has driven ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) to the top of the corporate agenda. While companies large and small are increasingly thinking about their ESG stance, the matter is especially pressing for large multinationals and global brands.

For these players, the extent of their commercial footprint and the geographic distribution of their business are vast and the tendrils of their supply chain can sink deep into the gloom. And the better known the brand, the more sensitive it is to reputational damage and the alarming impact that can have on the balance sheet.

Dermot Corrigan, CEO of smartKYC, discusses whether ESG is just another compliance tick box exercise where the main aim is to avoid adverse media coverage, or if an investment in comprehensive ESG policies and practices can ensure that the largest of corporates is able to keep its own house and supply chain in order – and actually deliver attractive returns. Read the full article published by CEO Today on 03 September 2020.

Dermot Corrigan

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Dermot Corrigan


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