smartKYC is the world’s most advanced enterprise solution for KYC due diligence automation

Technology to drive faster, better and more cost-effective KYC at every stage of the relationship – liberating human effort to focus on decision-making rather than laborious research.

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smartKYC is at the frontier of injecting AI automation into the core of KYC screening processes. Through the automation of deep KYC background checks on companies and people, smartKYC uses AI to do the research “heavy lifting” that a human would normally do. To learn more watch our explainer video.

Financial institutions and, increasingly, corporates are overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of their KYC / KY3P workloads. They are trying to cope with:

A myriad of sources and extensive checklists of information to gather and verify

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Large, diffuse client bases, often international in character

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Ever-evolving regulatory requirements coupled with internal pressure to deliver

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This is set against a backdrop of the systemic risk of human error along with an aspiration to go further and automatically run batch processes like remediation work or continuous risk monitoring programmes.

smartKYC solves all these problems, today.

By combining artificial intelligence, linguistic and cultural sensitivity and deep domain knowledge, smartKYC sets new standards for KYC quality, transforms productivity and hardwires compliance conformance.

Why smartKYC

The smartKYC enterprise-grade platform is designed to make the whole spectrum of KYC due diligence, from IDV to EDD, faster, better and more cost effective. How?


Through intelligent, explainable AI, the research heavy-lifting is done at speed and at scale by machine, often enabling straight through processing



By reducing the risk of human error, especially in the handling of foreign language material. Every line of every source, regardless of structure or means of access, is analysed


More cost effective

Resources can be moved away from labour-intensive, ‘mechanical’ processes like searching and reading documents, many of them highly repetitive or ambiguous, to tackle more productive tasks



smartKYC applies AI to extract precise open source intelligence (OSINT) from vast corpuses of information – internet and deep web, news archives, watchlists and corporate databases.

Multiple identifying attributes are used to ensure the right identity is being profiled, even in media sources. And all sources are robotically analysed, with semantic precision, in the native language so that every linguistic nuance is captured – not machine-translated into English first and then processed.


smartKYC combines extensive industry intelligence with a range of sophisticated, proprietary technologies including

Federated search

Public (e.g. web), professional (e.g. subscription) and private (e.g. blacklist) sources can be integrated and harmonised. We have over 50 available out-of-the-box

Sophisticated name handling

A tailored approach to variant generation, name matching, origin detection, identity matching, hit aggregation and more

Natural, multi-language processing (NMLP)

Scoring media hits for relevance based on multiple identifying attributes and extracting rich intelligence from these sources, regardless of language or script

Sounds complex, but it is actually quite simple. smartKYC also:


smartKYC serves the financial services and consultancy communities with a major focus on:

If you share some (if not all) of the characteristics below, get in touch:

High KYC case loads and a desire to straight through process as much as possible

Sensitivity to the potential reputational impact of an enforcement action

Added case complexity, often due to geographic footprint (linguistic and location) or client type risk

A desire to systemise a very manual process and greatly reduce, if not eradicate, multiple points of failure