AI-enabled technology to automate third party risk intelligence collection and to identify and contextualise opportunity

smartKYC is a multilingual search and analysis platform that automatically surfaces risk-relevant and contextually insightful intelligence on your third party at a fraction of the time and cost of a human equivalent. Whether for robo-onboarding, mass remediation projects or enhanced due diligence, smartKYC not only locates relevant intelligence with machine precision but also removes the risk of human error.

As a result business decisions are made much faster, at less cost and on a more informed basis.

Reduce extreme labor-intensiveness and overall cost of compliance
Develop a dynamic perspective on risk, not one derived from static databases alone
Reduce risk of human error by machine-reading and analyzing every line
Reduce risk and difficulty of due diligence in a foreign language jurisdiction
Shorten account opening times and reduce relationship abandonment
Mitigate reputational as well as compliance risk
Single, fully auditable process
Reduce internal friction between relationship management and compliance teams
Flip KYC to be competitive advantage, i.e. intelligence-led targeting of the right business prior to onboarding


smartKYC’s modular design means its sophisticated search and unstructured data processing power is well suited to a number of financial services and corporate applications.



Using our proprietary technologies, smartKYC solves arguably the most demanding challenges in the due diligence analysis process today


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