smartKYC combines multilingual natural language processing and machine learning to optimise open source intelligence collection. smartKYC automates research heavy lifting so that in a matter of minutes risk analysts can focus on decision-making rather than on labour-intensive searching and filtering.


Sophisticated individual and entity name normalisation, variant matching and transliteration reduce the risk that vital intelligence is missed. As well as through initial search field inputs, disambiguation is achieved by the user signalling potential false positives in a result set so that smartKYC learns from such cues and rescores results on the fly.



Sector, scale, line of business, geographic operations and brand preference are all factors in client decisions regarding their appropriate content mix for due diligence. One size most certainly does not fit all which is why smartKYC is source agnostic.

Our federated search and flexible means of connection ensures all sources, structured or unstructured, are simultaneously searched and mined for red flags and contextual intelligence. Such sources include but are not limited to public sources (mainstream and specialist search engines), professional subscriptions (e.g. mainstream and specialist news media archives, corporate databases, legal judgements, PEPs sanctions and watchlists etc.) and private sources (e.g. internal blacklists). All from one search.


Big Data Processing

Our natural language processing technology reads every line of every document to identify information relevant to the risk assessment or profiling of a subject. This information is synthesised into a logical format and the most pertinent element from each document is automatically excerpted in the form of a snippet. Furthermore smartKYC can extract the relevant facts common to group of articles. Human reading time is minimized and commercial judgement time is maximised.


Broadest Risk Array

Whether assessing risk or opportunities associated with an individual or entity, the checklist of red flag and background information requirements is daunting. One smartKYC search assembles intelligence on all relevant dimensions, from all forms of crime and legal issues, to ethical behaviour, real time political exposure, risky country footprint, associated individuals and entities, wealth and much more.



If your counterpart is domiciled in Russia, China, or the Middle East, the likelihood that all relevant intelligence is contained in English is remote. smartKYC’s semantic engine functions in over the 32 languages and in multiple alphabets / scripts ensuring no content source is excluded and that expensive language resources are called upon only when truly required.


Process Consistency

smartKYC contains native workflow, reporting and audit tools that can be configured to suit a specific client’s policies and risk procedures.


System Integration

smartKYC can run independently in stand-alone mode or tightly coupled to third party solutions such as general workflow systems, onboarding solutions, or front-end applications. smartKYC has a robust set of REST API’s to ensure integration is seamless.



smartKYC can be deployed on premises as well as in a hosted environment.


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