smartKYC’s team comprises experts in the field of open source intelligence technology. We have assembled a diverse, international team that marries technical excellence with pioneering market expertise. Notable team credentials and past achievements include:

  • Board member of the world’s pre-eminent political and violent risk intelligence brand (HUMINT and OSINT)
  • Co-inventor of the world’s first adverse media search tool
  • Board level experience in global news distribution and mainstream and social media monitoring
  • Technology team led by Professor of Maths from UCLA and Stanford University
  • Masters and PhD level qualifications in Computational Linguistics, Linguistics, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (first and second waves)
  • Close ties with 3 leading universities in our field · Unmatched knowledge of data and news content sources

Over several years and backed by private funding and entrepreneurial commitment, smartKYC has been developed to solve the seemingly intractable problem of mechanising open source due diligence and removing the challenges that languages present.

Today, smartKYC is the world’s most advanced enterprise solution for due diligence automation.