Automate background checks on clients, business partners and investments

Increase the speed and improve the quality of onboarding checks and implement efficient and effective KYC monitoring programmes

smartKYC’s software combines sophisticated search with intelligent automation of research and result analysis. It transforms manual, inefficient and often ineffective KYC investigation and monitoring work into seamless digitised processes.

smartKYC’s target audiences may operate in different markets, with slightly different requirements but they have the following in common:

  • Large portfolios of clients or 3rd parties to check.
  • A degree a complexity that often requires enhanced due diligence or multi-party checks.
  • An international complexion to their client base.

They therefore have a desire to:

  • Mechanise what is a very labour intensive task.
  • Perform their work with greater confidence and reduce risk.
  • Undertake their background checks with consistency and according with risk policy, every time.
  • Integrate the work into other tools like CLM or ERP systems that take care of broader orchestration tasks.
  • Prove the extent of due diligence done to senior management or external supervisors.

smartKYC delivers on each of these fronts. It brings together all data sources whether structured or unstructured, internal or external, free or premium. It extracts intelligence from each source with a high degree of precision and relevance and synthesises it into facts. These facts can be output as a dossier or ingested into other workflow tools, as well as being used to form the intelligence baseline for all ongoing monitoring.

And because each client requirement is different in terms of deployment preference, tech stack, security preferences and much more, smartKYC is designed to be highly configurable. Experience tells us that the sequencing of decisions is normally policy, process, technology and content so we ensure our technology reflects policy and not the other way around.

Above all, we are always attuned to the unique requirements of each of the markets we serve.

Our Markets:

Private Banking & Wealth Management

Private banks and wealth managers face unique KYC demands. Their clients will often be associated with a higher risk jurisdiction, operate in a risk-sensitive sector or have a raised public profile.

Corporate & Investment Banking

CIB is arguably the most demanding of all KYC environments, certainly in volume terms. For every high profile IPO client there are many thousands of smaller businesses to service.

Retail Banking

Retail banking KYC isn’t always just a straightforward matter of ID verification. A risk-based approach dictates that extra levels of diligence will be needed on a segment of your client base.

Compliance Advisory & Support Services

smartKYC works with some of the leading consultancies globally to support both efficient due diligence and partner to deliver a best in class managed service.


Multinational corporations need to be as risk aware as banks, but for differing reasons. Even if risk comes from a supplier rather than client relationship and is as likely to be ESG.