smartKYC hosts webinar with ACAMS

Earlier this month, Dermot Corrigan (CEO, smartKYC) and Hugo Chamberlain (COO, smartKYC) hosted a webinar in partnership with ACAMS. ACAMS is the largest global membership organization dedicated to fighting financial crime.

The webinar was focused on Faster, Better, Automated Background Checks – Using AI to Solve the Eight Main KYC Challenges. The eight challenges covered by Dermot and Hugo included:

  1. Reduce time to perform KYC
  2. Reduce false positives, repetition and general noise
  3. Have greater confidence in the work done
  4. More automation and batch processing
  5. Make foreign language KYC easier
  6. Demonstrate a consistent, auditable process
  7. Integrate results into existing workflow tools
  8. Realise aspirations like automated monitoring

smartKYC is at the frontier of injecting AI automation into the core of KYC screening processes. Through the automation of deep KYC background checks on companies and people, smartKYC uses AI to do the research “heavy lifting” that a human would normally do. The solution uses:

  • Multilingual natural language processing, at speed and at scale
  • Simultaneous search on all public, professional and private sources
  • An Intelligence first approach – cancelling out the noise and volume

smartKYC is suited for all KYC phases and batch process ready. It is also highly configurable and integrates into customer workflows, leaving a fully auditable information trail.

Register here to access the on-demand recording of this session.