smartKYC Wins ‘Best ESG KYC Surveillance Provider’ in ESG Insight Awards 2022

We are honoured to announce we have won the award for Best ESG KYC surveillance provider at the ESG Insight Awards 2022!

ESG Insight Awards have been designed to shine a light on services aimed at helping financial institutions and celebrate innovations that help us make progress with such an important goal for the industry.

All organizations are now highly sensitive to ESG risk. smartKYC’s AI technology drives faster, better, and more cost-effective KYC at every stage of the relationship. We are delighted that our solution has been recognised for our innovations in surveillance.

The answer to effective mitigation of ESG risk by association does not lie in counter-party disclosures or third-party ESG ratings; the answer lies in intelligence-led ESG risk monitoring of your suppliers, borrowers and investee businesses. All of this can be done using smartKYC’s AI technology.

Rather than rely on ESG ratings alone, adopt an intelligence-led ESG risk screening and monitoring approach for suppliers, investments and any other associated parties.

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