Adverse Media Screening: 10 Best Practices – Part 2, Tips 4-6

By Carley Quigley
On: 30 September, 2022,
Categories: AI, Blog, Continuous Monitoring, KYC, Opinion

Adverse media screening, sometimes referred to as negative news screening, is essentially the process of searching in open source intelligence online for adverse news or media relating to an individual or company. 

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Adverse Media Screening: 10 Best Practices – Part 1, Tips 1-3

AI | Blog | Continuous Monitoring | KYC | Opinion

15 September, 2022

When carrying out Know Your Customer (KYC) screening, a challenge many organisations face is developing a robust and thorough adverse media screening process. In this article, we take a look at tips 1-3.

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smartKYC Announces Hindi Language and Script Addition to its Multilingual Natural Language Processing Technology

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7 September, 2021

smartKYC, the world’s most advanced enterprise solution for KYC due diligence automation, has today announced the addition of the Hindi language and script to smartKYC’s multilingual Natural Language Processing technology. smartKYC’s technology now processes and analyses over 35 different languages in multiple writing systems including Latin, Chinese, Arabic and Devanagari.

Natural Multi Language Processing: A Smart Approach to KYC Screening Wealth Management Clients

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24 August, 2021

Private banks and wealth managers face unique KYC screening demands. Their clients will often require a more enhanced background check due to their association with certain jurisdictions or sectors, the sophistication of their banking and investment needs or their raised public profile.

Getting to Know All About Your Customer: the Case for Continuous Monitoring

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26 August, 2020

What do firms need to be aware of today to not only minimise risk but also seize the opportunity for tomorrow?

Eyes Always Open – KYC ‘now’

AI | Continuous Monitoring | KYC

16 July, 2020

In 2004, a colleague and I had the idea of building a search string of negative words in several languages and applying that to a corpus of news content to support our banking clients with their KYC efforts. Thus was born the world’s first adverse media search tool, Lexis Diligence, and quite some time before