The key to effective third-party ESG risk monitoring

By Dermot Corrigan
On: 7 March, 2024,
Categories: ESG

It is now obvious that the theme of ESG is close to the top of most corporate agendas. Typically, companies will think about ESG from two perspectives: 1) measuring their own credentials, such as sustainability, ethical behaviour, etc. and 2) evaluating the investments they make. 

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Automating third-party due diligence and ongoing monitoring with advanced, multilingual AI

AI | ESG | Events | Explainable AI

15 January, 2024

In a recent webinar session hosted by Ian Lawless, Head of Content Partnerships and Event Director at Procurement Leaders, Dermot Corrigan, CEO discussed how a combination of natural language processing and generative AI can do all the heavy lifting associated with due diligence discovery at both onboarding and during the lifetime of the relationship in real-time, preventing risks from gathering momentum and developing into a full-blown crisis.

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2023: Year in review

Awards | ESG | KYC

21 December, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on the key KYC due diligence trends and challenges affecting the industry, as well as highlighting smartKYC’s company milestones and achievements, including an exciting new product launch and multiple award wins.

Leveraging NLP for adverse media screening in supplier due diligence: a more robust approach to ESG verification

Adverse Media | ESG

25 October, 2023

The importance of implementing comprehensive due diligence processes cannot be overstated, particularly as global supply chains become increasingly complex.

The EU Corporate Sustainability Directive’s Impact on Multinational Corporates

Adverse Media | Continuous Monitoring | ESG

27 July, 2023

On June 1, 2023 the EU Parliament paved the way for regulation that will have fundamental implications for the way companies operating within the EU assess and monitor their supply chains for the risk of human and environmental rights violations.

smartKYC Wins ‘Best AI/ML Solution for ESG’ at the ESG Insight Awards, 2023

AI | AML | Awards | ESG | Explainable AI | GDPR | KYC

12 May, 2023

We have won the award for ‘Best AI/ML Solution for ESG’ at the ESG Insight Awards!

smartKYC Wins ‘Best Financial Crime Solution’ at the RegTech Insight APAC Awards, 2022

Adverse Media | AI | Awards | ESG | Explainable AI | Fintech

29 November, 2022

We have won the award for ‘Best Financial Crime Solution’ at the RegTech Insight APAC Awards!

What is Adverse Media? No, we don’t mean another definition…

Adverse Media | ESG | Explainable AI | Fintech

25 November, 2022

It is well known that ‘adverse media’ screening is the process of searching for negative news and other data sources about an individual or company for due diligence purposes.

How smartKYC helps mitigate ESG risk

AML | ESG | Jargon Buster | KYC

13 April, 2022

ESG is very topical at the moment but there continues to be confusion around the term and what it means for organisations when it comes to risk.

Procurement Leaders – Innovation:In series

AI | Conference | ESG | KYC

13 May, 2021

Over the last couple of months I had the pleasure of speaking at two events hosted by Procurement Leaders as part of its “Innovation:In” series. Procurement Leaders is a global community of senior procurement and supply chain leaders, attracting over 1000 attendees to each event in this series .

The Arrival Of KYI: “Know Your Investment”


7 May, 2021

This article examines how due diligence checks wealth managers use on their clients should also include scrutinising investments in the same spirit. As ESG investing gains momentum, so must the mindset adjust accordingly. Dermot Corrigan, CEO of smartKYC, argues that wealth managers need to place the same emphasis on investment due diligence as KYC. Dermot Corrigan,

AI: monitoring ESG risk

AI | Conference | ESG

12 April, 2021

Dermot Corrigan, CEO smartKYC, spoke with Stephen Hall from Procurement Leaders in the first event of their Innovation:In series – “Positive Growth”. Dermot discusses how to monitor ESG risk (investment and supplier) with a focus on AI and its capabilities. Through the use of technology, corporates can be aware of ESG transgressions as they occur.