What is smartEYE?

smartEYE is a real-time, continuous global adverse media alerting solution that watches all of your third-party relationships, 24/7.

smartEYE intelligently scans for adverse media in real-time, giving multinational corporations a thorough and immediate understanding of third party, ESG, supply chain and reputational risk.

Using advanced multilingual natural language processing (NLP) technology, smartEYE delivers precise, credible alerts, without the surrounding noise, regardless of the source, language or script. Nothing is missed but at the same time, only the most relevant
information for your world is highlighted. Think of it as the ground truth about your third-party, rather than the corporate line.

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Why do multinational corporates need smartEYE now?

For multinational corporations, safeguarding their organisation’s reputation has never been more important.

Environmental, social or governance failings of third parties or their criminal behaviour could have an adverse impact on your business.

Your due diligence at the start of the relationship may well have been thorough, but what happens when a problem arises during that relationship? Without prompt action, social media could transform the problem into a full-blown crisis and it isn’t just your reputation that’s at stake.

Under the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CS3D), corporations are required to identify, prevent, mitigate and end negative impacts on human rights and the environment in their value chain or face financial consequences.

But with so many suppliers, representatives and other associated parties operating in so many countries, how is 24/7 third party risk vigilance even possible?

Our latest product, smartEYE, solves all of these problems.

What does smartEYE do?

  • smartEYE watches all your third-party relationships 24/7 to identify emerging risks that relate specifically to them as they happen.
  • Whether about ESG criminality or adverse reputation, smartEYE delivers precise, credible risk alerts without the surrounding noise and regardless of language or script.
  • Risk alerts can be automatically routed to systems and people who need to know. With smartEYE, you have the ultimate defence against ESG and reputational risk, effective continuous adverse media screening and the ability to act quickly and decisively.

The benefits of using smartEYE?

  • The ultimate defence against ESG, supply chain, financial criminality and reputational risk associated with third parties
  • Effective, continuous adverse media screening
  • Real-time, event-driven refresh trigger to the systems or people responsible for risk assessment
  • Dramatically reduce noise in adverse media alerting
  • Act quickly and decisively to mitigate risk
  • Multilingual coverage
  • No more data latency!

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