Advanced, multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) to pinpoint risk in global web and media sources.

smartKYC is the world’s most advanced multilingual semantic search engine to machine read all online media content for potential adverse news about your clients, improving KYC processes and reducing risks.

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Adverse Media

Traditional approaches to adverse media checks are no longer fit for purpose. Simply searching a name in proximity to a negative term is flawed:

  • How can you be confident the adverse reference is about your client?
  • Is the reference about your client but it is actually benign when looked at in context?
  • Is the reference referring to another company or person in the article?

Such approaches not only lack precision, but also intelligence:

  • Are all of these articles saying the same thing, and what you know already?
  • If they are, wouldn’t you rather be told first what you need to know rather than wade through each article?
  • Can you have the same confidence in conducting adverse media checks in a foreign language as you do in your native language?

The shortcomings of traditional adverse media tools result in inefficiency, frustration and a lack of confidence in the work done. In contrast, smartKYC’s semantic search and media analysis platform results in faster, better and more cost-effective KYC:

Faster because:

  • 1000s of news articles from all client-defined sources (e.g. web and media archives) are machine-read and analysed for relevance in minutes, and always in real time.
  • Factual intelligence is extracted from all the documents so that the KYC analyst can prioritise the facts first rather than having to read every document.
  • Overnight batch processes can be run for larger volumes.

Better because:

  • All hits are scored for relevance based on a match with all identifying attributes, not just a name, thereby reducing false positives.
  • Every potentially relevant document, from all sources, is read rather than only the first handful of results – nothing is missed and results are always live, never curated.
  • smartKYC is a multilingual tool. It is optimised language-by-language to give you the same confidence in Russian, Arabic and Traditional Chinese for example as in English or German. Language should never be a barrier.

More cost-effective because:

  • Less human effort needs to be spent on laborious and time consuming research
  • Getting it ‘right first time’ will likely mean less requirement for expensive remediation exercises.
  • Straight-through-processing aspirations, like robo-onboarding, become a reality.