About smartKYC

Banks use smartKYC’s AI software to automate due diligence on their third parties: customers, suppliers, agents, even employees. 

Traditional approaches to screening and due diligence need immediate digital transformation.  They are too:

Labour Intensive

Labour intensive



Human Error

Prone to human error

This leads to inefficient processes, poor quality outputs and an overall lack of compliance confidence.

smartKYC brings intelligent automation, not just at the point of onboarding (new to bank) but also at refresh (periodic update) and continuous monitoring (event-driven alerting):

  • Live data from open and deep web, professional subscriptions and proprietary sources are harmonized and machine-read, at speed and at scale
  • Advanced content processing maximises result relevance and precision, while minimizing insignificance and repetition
  • Intelligence is extracted in the form of facts, not just regarding watchlist and adverse media but also source of wealth, ESG misdemeanours, network risk, country and sector exposure and much more
  • The truly multilingual nature of our AI means our clients are as confident conducting their due diligence on Russian, Chinese or Brazilian subjects as they are in English
  • Flexible deployment options and high degree of configurability

Not only does smartKYC empower banks to straight through process KYC background checks but also to explore business growth use cases, such as:

  • Intelligence-led lead generation
  • Target profiling
  • Network intelligence

smartKYC – your eyes on your world