smartKYC: Computing Awards finalists for the third year in a row

We are honoured to be finalists in the Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards again this year in the categories of ‘The Most Innovative Use of AI’ and ‘Explainable AI Award.’ These prestigious awards ‘recognise the best companies, individuals and projects in the AI space today.’

This is our third year in a row of being nominated for these awards. Last year, we won the title of ‘The Most Innovative Use of AI’ for our False Hit Filtering solution, which through the use of technology and AI, can complete a task that otherwise would have taken a team of 50 over a year’s worth of human labour in just 50 hours. And in 2020, we won the title of ‘Best Use of AI.’ 

Being nominated for this award gives us further motivation to remain an industry leader in the sector and to continue developing our AI products to help match the needs of our clients.

What is AI used for today?

Financial institutions are under a lot of pressure with a heavy regulatory compliance workload. AI eases this workload by carrying out otherwise labour-intensive tasks and providing key information for data-driven decision-making. However, the term ‘AI’ is often either misunderstood or misused. As part of our Jargon Busters series, smartKYC’s, COO Hugo Chamberlain, discusses the topic of AI in detail, giving clear examples of how it works and how it can be used to automate KYC screening processes. Find out more about AI and smartKYC’s approach by reading our Jargon Buster on AI.

About the Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards ‘cover every corner of the industry: security, ethics, data analysis, innovation and more, as well as showcasing the movers and shakers: the technology heroes and projects that deserve industry-wide praise.’

To find out more about the awards, please visit the website.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 18 May. Best of luck to our fellow nominees.


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